We know the industry

HealthPlan Data Solutions LLC (HDS) was established in 2010 by a team of pharmacists, business executives and software development professionals who believe that the current approaches being used to contain healthcare cost in the area of pharmacy benefits are flawed. Our pharmacists have over 40 years of combined experience in hospital, retail, and academic practice.


The prescription benefit market has evolved in a way that has permitted key stakeholders and providers to take advantage of employers and consumers. Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have been given almost exclusive control of information and use the lack of transparency to increase their profits at the expense of employers and employees. Drug companies spend millions to extend their patents by developing slightly modified forms of medications. These modified medications provide the same or similar outcomes as their predecessor, but at a higher price. Employers spend at least 25% more on their prescription benefits every year than is necessary.


HDS is a company that cuts through the confusion to generate savings in the healthcare system. We know the industry and how to save money through informed decisions and empowering you to control these costs. We offer solutions that don't disrupt your operations and are simple to implement. You run your business; we'll handle your prescription problems.


Our specialty is pharmacy benefits. Self-funded companies are overpaying for prescription medications. Conservative estimates put the overpayment at 30% and possibly as high as 50%. Our software and pharmacy specialists identify waste and overpayment. Our revenue model is designed to insure that "We only make money when you save money."

The total cost of healthcare in US in 2008 was $2.3 trillion of that $234 billion was spent on medications. Prescriptions costs represent approximately 10% of the total healthcare bill. Inflation of medication prices continues to outpace overall inflation. While overall Inflation of medication prices has slowed since 2001, name brand medication prices continue to increase at over 9% per year.

The HDS Difference