Tools for measuring performance & improving effectiveness

HDS analytics measure performance and enable plan sponsors to hold each network partner accountable for their performance. Medical and pharmacy providers are compared to their peers and given tools to improve their effectiveness

Network partners measured include:

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Medical Providers

Pharmacy Providers

HDS reports include:

Prescriber Comparison and Overview report

Prescribing Pattern Trending

Patient Purchasing Compliance Reporting

PBM Contract Adherence

BenchMarket (™) pricing report

Reporting Tools for incentive programs for providers

Pharmacy Benefit Management RFP

HDS’ experienced team uses existing population claims data to maximize the benefit of future PBM RFP’s to their client without any conflicts of interest.

RFP’s performed by HDS are unique in the market:

  • No conflicts of interest; no secondary revenue streams from other industry stakeholders

  • RFP includes language which allows for HDS’ “Always On Monitoring”

  • HDS’ Always On Monitoring ensures contract compliance and pricing to the benefit of its client


Extensive experience

HDS’ expertise in setting the terms for qualifying PBMs, handling the many details of RFP submissions and analyzing contract terms is unsurpassed in the industry.  HDS combines extensive clinical expertise and an automated claims analysis service in the RFP process which ensures its clients get the best terms and the best service available in the industry.  HDS follows the RFP process with an Always On monitoring service which ensures contract compliance.

Tools for Provider Performance Tracking and Accountability

HDS provides reporting tools that can be used to incentivize providers to improve performance, while monitoring and quantifying key metrics that help improve network effectiveness.

Pharmacy & Mail Order Performance

HDS compares pharmacy pricing, patient purchasing compliance, and generic utilization to improve promotion of generic alternatives.

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